thought for the day

The No Step Promises by David T.
(inspired by “The Promises” from Alcoholics Anonymous, pg. 83-84)

If I am complacent about this phase of my recovery, I will be discouraged before I am halfway dead.

I will be imprisoned again and profoundly sad. I will regret the present and lose all  hope.

I will be anxious. There will be no peace.

I will continue down the scale to a new bottom and benefit no one.

Feelings of uselessness and self-pity will reappear. Selfishness will rule my days. I will have no interest in others. I will be alone.

My whole attitude and outlook upon life will be engulfed in fear. I will lose those I love, and lose all my possessions. I will intuitively know that this path is killing me. I will slowly realize that I have turned away from God.

Are these unrealistic promises? I know they are not. Sometimes quickly, most times slowly, they will always materialize as I die.

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