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146 Songs About Substance Abuse, Addiction and Recovery



intoxication (2012)

wincing away from the everyday trivializations of omnipotence
stalking righteousness methodically and gloriously
abstract refutations and auras unrecognized elsewhere
warmth ratios refracted upon the summer solstice
lubricated cognitions and orphaned spontaneity
accumulating dormant tomorrows in the clutter of today
recapitulations unrealized by our cognizant partners
tattered rugs, broken English and metamorphasized literature
sinking ships with false periscopes and leagues revamped
dissipating domestication pursuits and realizing contagious pride
unraveling ornate, columnar hopes with a villain’s tendencies
defensive shortsightedness manifesting itself through unreal personifications
corner store lingo and back alley chatter
speakeasy’s and barkeeps unfathomable
intoxicated dreams and 80-proof realities

blow (2012)

10:01am on a Saturday in June completely subliminal
Still orchestrating toxic madness, but from an entirely comprehensible position
Corrupted by those vanguarded souls of integrity
Positioning oneself amidst the satirical redundancy
The unharmonious nature of the days pollutes our surrendered subconscious
Alleviating troublesome allies of a bygone era
The righteousness of self-will encapsulates the suffering moments
Of those fragile souls pacing through the toxic courtyard
Resistance subdued
And meandering back amongst the fortunate, yet quasi-resilient geniuses
Slowly discarding creativity for implausible resistance
Maintenance destroyed.

imaginary wisdom (1999)

orphaned ideas are relentlessly nurtured in the twilight,
while children dream of places they’ll never know.
and bearded men drink whiskey at hours unfamiliar to most,
an old man on a train says a prayer – perhaps for us all.
a fleeting glimpse at genius in a back alley,
comprehending antiquity in dime store windows,
transcending existential realities with mechanical precision,
the smell of lost principles in a courtroom,
the unstretched yarn of moral fiber is less than a foot long
learning to sail on a sea of burdens,
yet drowning in inhibitions.